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McCain Foods: Our People are our Greatest Strength

The more than 18,000 people that comprise the McCain family are our greatest strength. They make our customers and consumers smile with the development of innovative products and an unwavering commitment to manufacturing high-quality food. They are also our local heart, working to improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate.   


It doesn’t matter where you travel with McCain in the world, whether it be Ballarat (Australia), Scarborough (England), Johannesburg (South Africa), New Delhi (India) or the place that started it all, Florenceville (Canada), our employees are a global family all working toward making good food.


We’ve worked hard to create a friendly and diverse culture where everyone can do well. We want to attract committed, confident leaders at all levels, people who are lifelong learners, who value continuous improvement, who can drive performance and give us great ideas to help keep us at the leading edge of our market, people who care about the environment and their communities and at the end of the day, live our McCain It’s All Good philosophy.  



McCain Foods: People Practices

Our people practices are designed to achieve our business strategy while growing and enhancing our employees’ own personal and professional development. We want our people to grow and our practices reflect this.


Our People Plan is comprised of three main priorities:










McCain Foods: 18,000 Employees Globally


Our Staffing Principles


Building capability: From recruiting and succession planning to developing our people’s skills both on the job through collaboration, knowledge sharing and our award-winning McCain Learning Centre, we ensure that our people are provided significant opportunities to grow their careers.


Inspiring health, safety and performance excellence: We inspire results while ensuring the safety and wellness of our employees.

Fostering a recognition-rich and rewarding environment: While salary may be top of mind, employees are seeking a much more fulfilled career opportunity. Our rewards program is tied directly to our company performance, giving our employees an opportunity to take responsibility for our growth. Our goal is to make every employee understand their direct contribution to our mutual success.