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Transferring Knowledge & Building Local Economies


McCain Foods Growers

Vegetable agronomy and the transfer of knowledge to contract growers have played key roles in McCain’s worldwide success. Today approximately 80 per cent of our raw product is supplied by contract farmers, and our role is to share our research, knowledge and expertise with our grower partners to ensure their operations have the least impact on the environment and deliver quality product and a profitable return. This transfer of knowledge and expertise has helped to develop local economies the world over.


Growers interested in learning more about partnering with McCain, can contact their regional McCain head office.


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How we are transferring our knowledge and helping to build local economies.


China & India  


McCain Foods in India

Farming in rural India is traditionally done manually, but after our arrival just 10 years ago, partner growers have learned the technology of sowing and reaping with machines and the value of applying fertilizers. The result has been record-breaking, with yields from one acre of land once averaging one to 10 tonnes of potatoes increasing to 15 tonnes today. Further, a farmer used to spend Rs 23,000 to grow potatoes in one vigha of land, earning only Rs 28,000 from it. After McCain came into the picture, we helped reduce the farmers’ expenditure by 35 per cent and increase income by 104 per cent. Today more than 100 farmers in India are cultivating 1,500 acres of potatoes for our use. 



McCain Foods in China

In China, where similar initiatives were implemented when we entered this market in 1998, our supply of raw product, which was 100 per cent grown by McCain corporate farms just five years ago, is 99 per cent supplied by the local growing community today. Plus we have introduced mechanical planters and diggers to the growers and the McCain way of growing potatoes, which includes deep soil preparation and advanced irrigation techniques, which they have since adopted. These new techniques helped grow yields and quality improvement, which has resulted in grower potato yields having increased from a national average of 15 metric hectares to up to 45 metric hectares and increased margins over other crops.


South Africa 

McCain Foods in South Africa

In South Africa the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act was invoked to increase the effective participation of black people in the economy, with the goal of promoting increased employment and equitable income distribution among this group. In response, we embarked on key strategic initiatives and partnerships with emerging black farmers, with the emphasis on entrepreneurial Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Framework for Agriculture (AgriBEE) businesses. The Imbewu program is just one example, training farm labourers in basic aspects of agriculture to enhance their opportunity for promotion through a mentorship approach, where candidates are supported on farm by experienced employees who help them apply their learning.

Our Potato People
The Agriculture team in North America has created a wonderful 2014 calendar, with each month highlighting a recent McCain Champion Grower by location.  We are proud to have such a dedicated, passionate, hard-working and down-to-earth network of McCain potato growers.  The calendar is so good we had to share it with you!  Click here to see it for yourself.








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