McCain Foods Corporate Responsibility
 Corporate Responsibility





Corporate social responsibility is synonymous with our vision: McCain It's All Good.

We’re on a journey.


  Our responsibilities
  Listening to our stakeholders
  Managing our impacts on society


Where we know McCain can make the biggest difference:


Helping build sustainable food economies


Our environmental resources are under stress and the actions we all take today will have a profound impact on the next generation. At the same time, we are challenged to feed a population of six billion people – one billion of whom go hungry every day – and that population is estimated to rise to more than nine billion people by 2050. When you are in the business of making food, there is no statistic that weighs more heavily on the conscience or that presents a catalyst for action.


In these economic times, affordable nutrition is a universal pursuit – in developing nations, it is the essence of life. For many years now, McCain's agronomy experts have trained and supported local farmers in the developed and developing worlds in modern and responsible cultivating, irrigation and harvesting techniques. By transferring this knowledge, McCain is helping farmers produce higher yields with less water, improving their local economy and feeding more families with good, nutritious food.