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It’s All Good


McCain It’s All Good! is about more than just the food we produce; it’s who we are and what we do as a company.


McCain It's All Good


Some companies are known for the products they make, and some are known for the people who make them. We’d like to be known for both. We want to be good across all aspects of our business.


But it’s going to take time. We’re on a journey and it starts with good food. Made with real, wholesome ingredients, our focus is to create great tasting products that make people smile. To this end, we are reformulating our products region by region to meet our Good Ingredient standards. Frankly, if our food didn’t taste good, nothing else would matter.


But McCain It’s All Good is not just about the food – good though that it is. It’s about every aspect of our family business – from the thoughtful way we prepare our good products to the way we work with our farmers to our relationships with our customers. While we’re taking care of business, we’re striving to care for our environment, our communities and our people. Quite simply, nutritious ingredients, a healthy environment, sustainable agricultural practices and happy communities and people are essential to the production of our good food.


We know that we all define what good means to us in our own personal way. Our definition of good will evolve as our customers and consumers define it for themselves. Ultimately, we want those who purchase our products to feel good about what they are eating when they choose McCain.



McCain It’s All Good is everything to us. It’s our philosophy, and it’s integral to our business strategy.

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