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The Mighty Potato

Potato Heritage: 50 Years of Potato Knowledge

It was natural, Harrison McCain said, that he and his brothers would earn their livings in the potato business – their father was a potato dealer and farmer and their great-grandfather was a potato farmer and land clearer. Potatoes were in their blood. Learn more about our History.

Today McCain is the world’s largest manufacturer of French fries and frozen potato products, and the knowledge gained in potato growing, new potato development and manufacturing over the more than 50 years since McCain was founded has helped the company grow worldwide 



The French fry capital of the world

The rural village of Florenceville, New Brunswick, located on the east coast of Canada, and home to the McCain founding fathers and our first manufacturing facility, welcomes visitors with a road sign at the town’s limits which declares: “Florenceville – French Fry Capital of the World.”


The sign is not a boast, but a simple statement of fact. Almost all eaters of French fries at some point will eat a McCain French fry, whether or not they are aware of it – one of every three French fries around the globe is a McCain fry.


The town of Florenceville, with a population of 1,500, sits on the banks of the St. John River. In addition to the Canadian operations of McCain, the Potato World Museum, not affiliated with McCain, is located next to our Potato Processing Technology Centre, and allows visitors to discover the impact the humble potato has had on the survival of New Brunswick’s early settlers and how important it is to the economy of that province today.