better for you products


Better For You Products


Our commitment to developing products considered Better For You means that many of our products feature a nutritional profile that meets specific standards. Today we are striving toward introducing approximately half of our products that meet our Better For You guidelines.



McCain Foods Better For You Commitment

Products considered Better For You may include the following criteria:

      • Trans fat free (under 0.5 grams) per serving
      • 30% or fewer total calories from fat per serving, with less than 25% of this fat originating from saturated fats (World Health Organization guidelines)
      • Portion-controlled following local dietary intake guidance
      • Low salt according to local dietary intake guidance



Just a few examples of our Better For You products:  

 McCain Purely Potato

      McCain Superfries


Sous Chef: delivering nutritious convenience

Responding to consumer demand for non-fried potato products, in 2009 we introduced our first range of fresh-frozen convenience potato products – potatoes simply cut and frozen. This line features the goodness of potatoes, while offering convenience for both the restaurant and home cook to incorporate their own flavourings and preparation method.


Sweet potatoes: goodness and great taste