nutrition research & advisory


Nutrition Research & Advisory



Nutrition Advisory

To support McCain on new product innovation at the science level, two groups of advisors comprised of both internal and external experts help guide our priorities and actions.


Global Health & Wellness Advisory Board: Comprising leading scientific experts in human nutrition and its impact on health.
Global Scientific Committee: A multi-disciplinary group of world-renowned specialists in the field of cardiometabolic diseases.


Nutrition research

Our research platform supports our belief that many of our products fit into a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Our priorities are focused on understanding the current science on nutrition and the role our products can play to contributing to balanced diets, as well as identifying the impact of our product offering on the nutritional needs and desires of our customers and consumers.


To ensure high-quality, nutritious ingredients that support the development of our products, our team of agronomists – our agricultural scientists – also conduct ongoing field and storage research, sharing the findings with our growers and vegetable handlers worldwide.






McCain Foods Nutrition Research