Excess sodium in the diet has become a growing health concern primarily because of its connection to elevated blood pressure, which is directly related to cardiovascular disease. Reducing sodium levels in food is a careful and complex undertaking as it plays a key role in food preservation, hindering the growth of micro-organisms when it binds with water.



Our commitment to sodium reduction


  Retail: McCain is committed to reducing excess sodium in our retail products globally while maintaining food safety and nutritional quality. Our goal is to reduce the salt level in our branded products by 10 per cent per year until such time as these products meet consumer preference thresholds.
  Foodservice: The vast majority of the products we make that are destined for the foodservice industry do not contain any salt as the products are prepared on-site after delivery to our customers. To maintain our commitment to salt reduction and assist the ultimate consumers of our products, we are developing education and research materials for our foodservice customers and sharing best practices that identify opportunities for sodium reduction.



  McCain Foods Sodium Reduction

McCain Foods Sodium Reduction




McCain in Great Britain
leads the way in salt reduction

Intense consumer demand had forced food manufacturers in Great Britain to reduce sodium across entire product lines. McCain has responded, having reduced sodium across our entire product range in this region by 20 per cent since 2001.