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McCain in Motion

Our global employee health and wellness program, McCain in Motion, supports our employees in their quest to live healthier lives through programs and events, education on living healthier lifestyles and continuous support.






McCain in Motion Principles

Our people are the heartbeat of our business, and as such we must do everything we can to inspire our employees to invest actively in their personal well being.
The countries in which McCain operates are unique, and thus so are the health needs of our employees in those countries. McCain in Motion’s programs and offerings are regionally driven and tailored to the specific needs of the employees in that locale. There is no “one size fits all.”
In anything, the first step to winning is participation. McCain in Motion strives to ensure that all employees have access to the information, programs and events being offered regardless of ability or current state of health.
McCain in Motion follows the progression of health to fitness to wellness. Offerings are designed to build from a foundation of health to improving fitness and ultimately addressing employee wellness.
We value teamwork – support from McCain and fellow employees helps individuals achieve their goals of living healthier lives.