Hannah Sutherland

Project Manager, Process and Utility
Scarborough, United Kingdom
Hannah Sutherland photo

I’m from New Brunswick, so I’ve grown up with the McCain name. I knew it had the values of a family-run business – and I’ve seen those values embedded in every place I’ve been with McCain. I’ve worked in Canada, India, Argentina & England – incredible opportunities that came right as I began my career.

The faith that McCain puts into their employees is incredible. They push you while giving you the right amount of support. Trial-by-fire is a great way to learn and innovate, but unless you can call on HO for support, it doesn’t work. At McCain, I’ve always had people I could call for advice or support, and I’ve always had people who believed in me to get the job done.

I have been very grateful for the chance to work abroad. I think I learned more in my one year in India than I did in all my previous work experience. I learned to navigate a new culture while handling a challenging new job. Still, the fundamentals of project management are the same wherever you go, and I have had amazing local teams to work with in each region. There’s no better way to learn.