Joe Lake

Director, Innovation & Research
Florenceville, Canada
Joe Lake photo

Throughout my career at McCain Foods, I’ve embraced the challenge of learning how to translate science into a win for the business – something that can be quite tough in a fast-paced food company. It’s the kind of learning you only get on the job.

I’ve always enjoyed helping my team of scientists understand what questions they are answering. We examine the question to find out what people are really asking, to discover how we can answer it for them in the most useful way. Then we break down the question into something that can be measured, and we use data to help tell that story, working towards the best possible answer together.

I’ve recently begun a new role as Director of Innovation & Research, which means I am always thinking years ahead. At McCain, you really have the freedom to drive your ideas. But we are a performance-driven company: as you tackle those breakthroughs, you have to prove the business case for each project. The future of McCain is innovation, and it’s my job to drive innovation and shape our position in the marketplace.