​​​We were founded by farmers and we think it shows. We value stable, long term relationships and many farming families have been supplying us for three generations

We work especially closely with local farmers in each of the markets in which we operate, while leveraging knowledge and technology from other parts of the world and committing to longer-term contracts. Each year we work with more than 3,400 potato and vegetable growers in the world and more than 80% of our raw material needs is covered through pre-agreed contracts, so both parties know exactly what they'll get. This gives the farmers we work with the stability required to invest in their farms and support their families and communities.

Crucially, the relationships goes way beyond just buying crops. In fact McCain is world renowned as a funder of agricultural research and provider of leading-edge agronomic advice. Similarly our Global Good Agricultural Practices program sets a standard for environmental care and efficient production that others aspire to.

To us it makes perfect sense because preparing Good Food always starts with sourcing good ingredients.


Doing good business is something we do well - we have a genuine commitment to two-way partnerships with those who supply us and those who we supply.

In order for us to offer the best products, we work with suppliers that operate to the same standards that we do - with a high regard for food safety and quality assurance, but who also respect wider compliance, human rights, decent working conditions and have strong environmental standards. And as an international business, we always strive to be better, which is why we welcome suppliers who are open to innovation, allowing both businesses to improve competitive advantage and maintain standards of excellence.

We are also committed to local investment, which means around 80% of our products are sold in the markets where they are produced. With more than 35,000 suppliers worldwide, procurement has to follow clear systems and procedures, but these support, not replace relationships, many of which have been built over decades.

If you'r​e a supplier and are interested in learning more about partnering with McCain, please contact your regional McCain head​ office.