​​​​​​Fries play a huge part in our global product offering - see how we make them below. The process is simple - we just cut, prepare, cook and freeze them. So what you see is what you get. Tasty, nutritious food you can trust.

Given McCain's diverse product range and the varying regions in which we operate, it would be tricky to outline all individual ingredients and production processes - but you can find this type of information by visiting the regional​ ​​​web​sites​​ or contacting the region direct.

As a global business, our overall approach to food production is straightforward and transparent. We use simple ingredients and simple preparation methods. New foods are developed on this basis and older product ranges are being reformulated to reflect it.

In a similar fashion, we keep our production processes as simple as possible. Our food is good food, simply prepared ... the fewer processes we use, the less equipment, energy and other resources we use.

So the result is good food and great value.

When making any product, we generally aim to:


The way we make fries is simple - we:

  • WASH

  • PEEL

  • CUT

  • FRY