Our business is enhanced when our workforce reflects the diversity of our customers, consumers, suppliers and communities.
So we're committed to:


with diverse communities so we attract, retain and develop employees and deepen relationships with suppliers and other business partners


diverse companies to supply products, goods and services to our company


diversity through leadership, training, mentoring and networking


our employees to seek, respect, value and leverage diversity of thought and ideas


all employees accountable to share in the responsibility for inclusiveness


inclusiveness is visible in management decisions and behaviors


the principle that all of our relationships are based on mutual respect and growth

Safety is about far more than just complying with safety laws and regulations. it's about creating conditions and behaviors to ensure a safe workplace. Our ultimate goal is zero workplace injuries and we believe:

  • nothing we do is worth getting hurt for
  • safety can and must be managed
  • every injury could, and should, have been prevented
  • we owe ourselves and each other a safe place to work