McCain is one of the most famous Canadian brand names in the world and we have two Boards that oversee the company: Holdco (the family holding company) and Opco (the operating company).

Board directors are accountable for ensuring McCain is always working most effectively for its shareholders, employees and for the communities in which we live and work.

While McCain is a privately held company, our Boards have adopted many best practices that are often followed by companies that are accountable to securities regulators and public shareholders. These types of practices ensure that McCain has rigorous oversight of its management and operations, as well as benefitting from the strategic guidance of its directors in assessing growth opportunities and in developing long-range plans.

The Directors

The directors of our operating company Board include McCain family members, McCain executives (including the CEO) and highly experienced independent directors.

  • Allison McCain, Chairman
  • Andrew McCain, Director
  • Mark McCain, Deputy Chairman
  • Scott McCain, Director
  • Max Koeune, President & CEO, McCain Foods Limited
  • J-P Bisnaire, Independent Director
  • Jose Boisjoli, Independent Director
  • Jacques Bougie, O.C., Independent Director
  • Janet Plaut Giesselman, Independent Director
  • Colleen Johnston, Independent Director

The management team

Erwin Pardon
Regional President, Continental Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Han van den Hoek
Chief Agricultural Officer

Jeff DeLapp
Regional President, North America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan

Bill Doherty
President & CEO, The Day & Ross Transportation Group

Louis Wolthers
Regional President, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, South Africa

Max Koeune
President & CEO, McCain Foods Limited

Paolo Picchi
Regional President, Latin America

Howard Snape
Regional President, Great Britain & Ireland

Lloyd Borowski
VP Global Operations Support

Alison DeMille
Chief Human Resources Officer

David Stewart
Chief Research & Development Officer

Chad Hutchison
Chief Legal Officer

Jillian Moffatt
Sustainable Cost Advantage Strategy Lead

Mauro Pennella
Chief Growth Officer

Pierre Danet
Chief Financial Officer

While our Boards oversee the company, it is our global management team who ensure our business strategy is continuously being pushed forwards. Our management team inspire results by acting in accordance with our values, living and breathing the business.

They develop a clear vision and strategy for success, drive results, champion change and develop people at all levels of the organization to live up to their fullest potential as individual contributors and future leaders. Our people have been and will continue to be our greatest strength.