Our Passion
for Food.

Selection of McCain food; including sweet potato fries, and boiled and grilled potatoes

McCain Foods has been at the centre of mealtimes for generations. That’s because creating great tasting food is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly developing innovative new food offerings to meet different occasions, tastes and needs for people around the world. Through our investment and innovation we offer a wide variety of fries, prepared potato products, appetizers and desserts, for both the retail and foodservice channels.

Check out some of our enjoyable food offerings from around the world, and delicious serving suggestions!

Delicious Fries.

We are well known for our delicious French fries which started our company over 60 years ago! And we are still making them today. Our French fries, fries and chips (as they are called in some countries) are the perfect partner for any meal!  We have a range of different offerings to meet different tastes and preferences - including potato or sweet potato, fried or oven baked or microwaved, straight or crinkled, thin cut or thick cut, and potato skin-on or skin-off. What do you prefer?

Potato Creations.

We love potatoes! We are able to transform this versatile vegetable into some amazing food creations - including jacket potatoes, wedges, roast potatoes, croquettes, mash, lattice fries, spirals, potato pancakes, hash browns, potato smiles, potato patties, tasti taters and potato bites, to name a few!

Tasty Appetizers.

What better way to start or accompany a meal than with our tasty appetizers.  We have a wide range of appetizers within both our foodservice and retail businesses - including onion rings, cheese nuggets, breaded mushrooms, cheese sticks, stuffed jalapenos and much more!

Scrumptious Pizzas.

Our delicious pizzas and pizza pockets are bound to be a crowd-pleaser, which make them perfect to share with family and friends. Tasty and convenient: sometimes only a pizza will do!

Delightful Desserts.

Our range of desserts are perfect as a treat to finish off a great meal or when you've got something to celebrate! Why not try serving with fruit, cream, ice-cream or sprinkles?

These delicious food images are only serving suggestions and the products shown may not be available in every market. To help you discover which of our products are available in your country, please visit your local McCain Foods website.