Resource-Efficient Operations

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Making efficient use of natural resources.

The global food system, including agriculture, production, packaging and distribution, contributes to nearly one third of greenhouse gas emissions. As a leader in the potato processing industry, we believe it is our responsibility to reduce and be efficient in our use of energy, water, waste and packaging.

As we continue on our sustainability journey, we will continue to find opportunities to innovate and drive positive change for our business, people and the planet.

Key 2022 Highlights.

Resource-Efficient Operations Spotlight...

Poland Solar Farm.

In 2022 McCain reached a key milestone in our Planet Friendly Food Journey and carbon emissions reduction, with our Polish factory in Strzelin operating with 100% green electricity.  25% of Strzelin site’s electricity consumption is provided by a state-of-the-art solar farm that is now fully operational, supplemented by Renewable Guarantees of Origin Supply.

Our Resource-Efficient Operations Commitments.

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Wind turbines in fields
Wind turbines in field