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The principles that guide how we operate as a business.

As a values-driven company, how we operate is of vital importance. As well as our values, we have four foundational operating principles: Safety, Respect, Integrity and Security.

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Safety is always our number one priority and is everyone’s responsibility.

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Around the world, we are committed to sending everyone home safely to their friends and family, because nothing we do is worth getting hurt for. 

It is clear that our dedication to safety has benefitted everyone at McCain Foods and we continue to exemplify excellent health and safety principles and policies. This is evident in many safety awards that our sites and locations have received around the world, and is shown by our world class Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) numbers – which also continue to decline.

In ten years, we have reduced our Employee TRIR number to a small fraction of what it was in 2006. Through our dedication to the Key Elements of Safety management system and safety principles, every single one of us at McCain Foods has contributed to this achievement.

We are committed to continue to strive for zero incidents, and safety will always be our number one priority.

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We believe that everyone should work in an environment where they feel safe and included.

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Our Code of Conduct requires all employees to ensure that McCain Foods provides a safe, respectful and inclusive environment, free of discrimination and harassment. Our Supplier Code of Conduct also prohibits forced or compulsory labor, child labor, discrimination, inhumane treatment, abuse and harassment.

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As part of our core values, we’re committed to the principles of ethical and lawful conduct.

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Across our global operations, we adhere to these principles through fair, competitive and transparent business dealings. Virtually all of the jurisdictions in which McCain Foods operates have laws relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption. These laws prohibit unethical practices, and we do not engage in or tolerate any unlawful or corrupt behavior.

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Being part of our global family, it's vital that all McCain Foods employees receive fair compensation.

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We provide all our employees with fair compensation that provides income security and enables workers to afford a decent standard of living. Compensation includes wages and other benefits.