Person holding two potatoes, field in background, water bouncing off potatoes

Since McCain was founded in 1957, we have proudly established our operations in the rural communities of our farming partners. Today, nearly all of our 50 plants worldwide are located in rural communities, and we are committed to the long-term development, education and support of both farmers and families in our local areas.

Key highlights against our commitments.

Thriving Communities in a snapshot...

Person stood with raincoat on in farming field

agricultural development.

We are passionate about supporting the long-term development of growers with training, knowledge and technology transfer; offering longer-term contracts and enabling succession planning.

Person in potato field, pulling potatoes from the ground

Partnerships for
community development.

We’re developing public-private partnerships to help improve livelihoods for communitiies.

Person holding potatoes in hand from ground.

Potato donations in communities.

Supporting farmers and families by donating 200 million meals to food banks and NGO’s by 2025. See who we were working with during the pandemic, below.

Two McCain Foods production team members in factory

McCain team members.

Equipping our employees in their communities with skills and tools for continuous personal and professional development.

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