Our Commitments

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Our Food
McCain Foods does not use genetically modified potatoes in any of our products

Since 1999, McCain Foods has abided by a policy of not using genetically modified potatoes in any of our products globally. This policy holds true today, but we also recognize that science holds the potential to address many of the issues that continue to challenge the world with respect to the sustainable production of affordable and nutritious food to meet the demands of a growing population. It is the positive potential of science that drives our continued interest in plant biotechnology, and as such, we actively monitor and may participate in research and development projects that seek to offer significant social benefits. Regulatory compliance and consumer acceptance for the use of any new technology will guide our actions.

For our ingredients that contain eggs, all will be cage-free sourced by 2025

McCain Foods is famous for its French fries and specialty potato products. We purchase a very small amount of ingredients containing eggs and are committed to these being cage-free sourced globally by 2025.

McCain Foods purchases only sustainable palm oil from suppliers who are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

For the vast majority of our cooking needs, McCain Foods does not use palm oil. For the small amount of palm oil we do use, we only purchase sustainable palm oil from suppliers who are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

McCain Foods will continue efforts to reduce the formation of acrylamide in our food

McCain Foods is committed to providing its customers and consumers with food they can trust to be safe, nutritious and great tasting. As a result, we have been working to address the issue of acrylamide since it was first discovered in food in 2002. We have a worldwide technical team managing the issue and we have been working proactively with international regulators and researchers on an ongoing basis.

McCain Foods continues efforts to reduce the formation of acrylamide in our products by monitoring the latest research and assessing applicability.

We have made progress in reducing the formation of acrylamide by selecting the best potatoes, controlling storage and processing conditions, and providing clear instructions on all retail and foodservice packaging for optimal cooking times and temperatures.

McCain Foods has engaged industry and regulators in a number of countries and has contributed to the internationally recognized reduction recommendations outlined in the European Union’s Food Drink Europe “Acrylamide Toolbox” and the Codex Code of Practice.

We encourage our customers to follow cooking recommendations published by either EUPPA (European Potato Processors Association1) or FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration2), which are available on the following website: 

McCain Foods sources soybean oil responsibly

The vast majority of soybean oil that McCain Foods uses is sourced from areas of the world where there is no impact on deforestation, such as the USA.  For other regions, we purchase 100% of our requirements from sources that certify there is no impact on deforestation. 

Our Operations
McCain Foods is committed to minimizing food-waste, with a goal of halving food-waste within our manufacturing operations by 2025

McCain Foods has been focused on food waste reduction practices for many years, such as food landfill diversion via its re-use as animal feed, by-products, biogas and organic fertilizer. The initiatives we already have in place mean that currently less than 5% of our operational food waste goes to landfill.

In addition, as a member of the Consumer Goods Forum, we have committed to a goal of halving food waste within our manufacturing operations by 2025, in line with their waste commitment. Learn more about the commitment here.  

McCain Foods will replace all frozen cold store estate that isn’t hydroflurocarbon-free with natural refrigerant at the time of upgrade

The vast majority of our frozen cold store estate is free from HFC refrigerants. The small percentage that isn't yet HFC-free will be moving to natural gas refrigerant at the time of upgrade or replacement going forward.

Throughout our global operations, McCain Foods is committed to ensuring that the principles of ethical and lawful conduct are followed in our supply chain

As part of our core values, McCain Foods is committed to the principles of ethical and lawful conduct. Across our global operations, we adhere to these principles through fair, competitive and transparent business dealings.

McCain Foods requires all of its suppliers to adhere to a Supplier Code of Conduct. This code sets standards of ethical conduct, which McCain Foods requires from its suppliers, and governs the conduct of suppliers when doing business with or on behalf of McCain Foods.

Virtually all of the jurisdictions in which we operate have laws relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption. These laws prohibit unethical practices, and we do not engage in or tolerate any unlawful or corrupt behavior.

McCain is committed to 100% sustainable paper and paperboard supply

McCain Foods sources nearly all of its paper and paperboard from either recycled sources or from confirmed certified sustainable sources for virgin materials. In some regions and for a very small percentage of the company’s usage, these certified sources are still being confirmed but the company is committed to 100% certification for all paper and paperboard based materials.

Our Practices
McCain Foods does not condone or tolerate any activity or practice constituting slavery, forced labour or trafficking

In conducting its operations, McCain Foods takes the welfare of our employees very seriously and does not tolerate or condone any activity or practice constituting slavery, forced labor or human trafficking. McCain Foods has employee policies and procedures in place, including our Code of Conduct, and policies and procedures with respect to the hiring of employees, to ensure that slavery, forced labor or human trafficking is not occurring in our hiring process or employment relationships. 

With respect to suppliers of goods and services to McCain Foods, we have adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct, which addresses respect for human rights, prohibitions relating to compulsory labor, human trafficking, child labor, inhumane treatment, abuse, harassment and non-discrimination, and other requirements. McCain Foods requires that all of its suppliers adhere to and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

McCain Foods supports the Consumer Goods Forum call to action for business leaders to join forces to call for the end to forced labour and unethical recruitment in the fight against forced labour, in collaboration with governments, United Nations agencies and civil society organizations: CGF Call To Action. 


McCain Foods is committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive working environment

At McCain Foods, we believe that everyone should work in an environment where they feel safe and included. Our Code of Conduct requires all employees to ensure that McCain Foods provides a safe, respectful and inclusive working environment, free from discrimination and harassment.

McCain Foods does not advertise to children under the age of 12

McCain Foods does not create advertising, advergaming, promotional initiatives or any other communications targeted directly to children under the age of 12.

McCain Foods continues to strive for zero accidents in the workplace

Around the world, McCain Foods is committed to sending everyone home safely to their friends and family, because nothing we do is worth getting hurt for.

It is clear that our dedication to safety has benefitted everyone at McCain Foods and we continue to exemplify excellent health and safety principles and policies. This is evident in many safety awards that our sites and locations have received around the world, and is shown by our world class Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) numbers – which also continue to decline.

In ten years, we have reduced our Employee TRIR number to a small fraction of what it was in 2006. Through our dedication to the Key Elements of Safety management system and safety principles, every single one of us at McCain Foods has contributed to this achievement.

Safety will always be our number one priority and we will continue to strive towards zero accidents in the workplace.  

McCain does not partake in animal testing, unless they are explicitly required by law

McCain Foods does not fund, conduct, or commission any tests on animals unless they are explicitly required by law.