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Innovation is vital across our entire supply chain to drive growth and efficiencies in all areas of McCain Foods.

Our passion for food means we are constantly developing new delicious offerings which meet the changing needs and tastes of consumers and customers. Whether it's developing new product experiences, offerings for new occasions, or products and preparation methods which make people's lives easier.

However, our innovation focus does not stop there. From our entrepreneurial roots, we bring innovative thinking to every area of our business. Our teams achieve this together with our suppliers, customers and other innovative companies and collaborators.

McCain Street Fries

Innovation in
food development.

Our cross-functional innovation teams love nothing more than creating delicious new food offerings! They do this by listening to our customers' needs, partnering with researchers to identify new insights and trends, and by working with suppliers and collaborators to explore new food technologies.

And here are just a few of our delicious food innovations from the last few years...

In Action: Global launch of SureCrisp™

While demand for online food delivery increases, research told us that consumers who ordered fries were often disappointed in the quality of product delivered to their door.

As an early pioneer of the frozen French fry, McCain knows the importance of great-tasting fries so we took on the challenge to create a delivery fry that tastes as good as it would in a restaurant.

Launched in 2019, our new SureCrisp™ range is a game-changing fry that provides a consistently crispy product across delivery, take-out and restaurants. SureCrisp™ fries stay crispier than uncoated fries for up to 20 minutes in a closed delivery bag!

Tractor in field

Innovation in
agricultural technology.

Innovation and technology are catalysts for positive change, and in agriculture, technology is enabling step changes that are helping to bring more food to more people. We are proud to partner with great innovative companies around the world to bring this fresh thinking into McCain Foods and the overall industry.

In Action: Partnering with Resson in digital technology

In 2017 McCain Foods Limited entered into a strategic partnership with Resson Inc. Resson uses digital images of crops (taken from tractor cameras, drones or satellite imagery) combined with ground-sensor data to give farmers unequalled views of crop development and field conditions.  For more information on Resson, please visit

Truleaf employee inspecting plants

Innovation in
agricultural practices.

We believe it is important to continuously investigate and invest in new farming methods, and learn from innovative new farming practices and techniques.

In Action: Partnering with Truleaf in vertical farming

In 2018 McCain Foods Limited completed a strategic investment in TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture Limited. TruLeaf has developed proprietary indoor vertical farming technology to grow fresh and nutritious leafy greens of high quality and flavour in an environmentally sustainable way, 365 days per year. For more information on Truleaf, please visit