Anu Arora.

ITSM manager

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Hello everyone, My Name is Anu Arora. I work as ITSM manager on the ServiceNow Platform team. I am based out of Toronto office in Canada.

McCain has created a personal connection by being part of everyone lives and mine too since my childhood. We have a huge footprint globally and the values of McCain resonate very closely with my personal ones, which are being authentic and family oriented.

Here are a few reasons why I love working at McCain:

Firstly, I would love to highlight the great work life balance we have as it really helps me focus on my mental wellbeing.  I enjoy doing Pilates, meeting my friends and take up new activities outside my work hours. So having a healthy work life balance enables me to do all of that.

Secondly, I appreciate the amount of resources we have as well as the different trainings that are helping with my career growth. I can apply for an external learning/training course and get reimbursed by the company, thanks to the education assistance program. Not only do we have training programs on tools that people will use in their works, there are also courses available that you might not be using at the moment but you are able to explore based on your professional/personal interests.

Another perk that I see with McCain is the flexibility and provide internal mobility opportunity, which can help us learn about different streams in the business and expand our skill set in other fields . I think it is great when you are encouraged to explore other roles within the organization that might suits your career aspiration and this way you can advance your path internally.

My role requires me to work with different teams which is what I like also about my job. I get to work with people across functions, learn the various ways of working, and help me to understand and bring standardization in processes overall.

I would definitely recommend anyone to join the McCain family. There are great perks as I said before having a work-life balance, opportunity to grow and to learn/develop new skills. My friends and family have seen my growth both personally, professionally, and there is no better example than me.