Areej Amir.

Information Security Analyst

Areej Amir Header

Hi there, my name Areej Amir and I’m an Information Security Analyst in the Information Security Team. My job function revolves around Security Awareness & Training (SAT). I’m based outside of Toronto Office.

Having just graduated from the Cybersecurity & Threats Management Program at Seneca College, I wanted to start at a place where I could have roots and continue to grow. When the opportunity of an intern’s position appeared, I accepted happily as I admired the work culture at McCain, belief in family values, and working with experts in the field.

I love what I do. The Information Security Team is dedicated to providing a cyber-secure environment at McCain and it is a goal that I work towards and make sure McCain is protected from cyberattacks. The thing that makes it even more special is that McCain provides opportunities for personalized learning plans that fit my development needs and support my current role.

The technology team at McCain believes in continuous growth of employees by providing learning opportunities and resources. At McCain, learning is considered a key element to succeed which is something I didn’t get to experience in other organizations.

I would definitely encourage and recommend IT talents to become part of McCain. Not only do they invest in their people but also the working environment is very healthy and all team members will readily and selflessly share their knowledge to help adjust in the new role.