Tanner Rogers.

Azure DevOps Engineer

Tanner Rogers Header

Hi Everyone, my names Tanner Rogers and I’m currently an Azure DevOps Engineer at our Global Technology Centre based in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada.

I started my journey with McCain in 2018 when I participated in a year-long Co-op program as a Business Analyst for the Global Application Delivery Team. And as I finished my undergrad in 2020, I immediately rejoined the McCain Technology Team as full-time employee. Starting off again as a business analyst, then an Operations Technology Specialist, and now recently transitioned to my current role.

There are three main reasons why I decided to come back to McCain after graduation:

1. I love working for a global company in a small town in my home province. I’m enjoy working with technology but I love New Brunswick.

2. During my short time in Florenceville I met some of the kindest, most thoughtful and community-centered people I had ever met. I truly couldn’t wait to finish university and come back to the area.

3. Finally, I found meaning both in the day-to-day work and the volunteering McCain encourages all their employees to partake in.

Since rejoining McCain, I’ve had many opportunities to grow as a technology professional, as a leader and as a person. In the few short years that I’ve been with McCain, I’ve had the opportunity to lead the deployment of a critical security system in our operations technology space, develop software to increase supply chain resiliency, work with leaders to analyze how to better monitor and manage our technology environment and so much more. I’ve also developed tremendously as a leader thanks to my many mentors and through leading an Employee Resource Group called the Young Professionals Association based here in Florenceville. I have found the most growth and meaning through taking part in the many volunteering opportunities McCain provides – such as supporting the valley food bank, getting involved with local schools and other community outreach programs.

The culture of the McCain Technology team is one that supports and encourages those who wish to learn, to develop, to grow. I couldn’t have picked a better company to start my career with and I’m really looking forward to what is yet to come.