Mukesh Patel

Senior Production Manager
Mehsana, India
Mukesh Patel photo

When I first started, I was immediately struck by the high level of trust McCain puts in its employees. It’s an empowering way to work – and very encouraging, knowing they believe in me. I take great pride in my work, knowing that my employer trusts me to get things done.

I joined McCain as Hygiene leader in 2006, and in 2008 was given an opportunity in production as a shift leader. I’ve had several roles since then, and have kept moving forward until I landed at my current position as the senior production manager of the Mehsana plant. Every step along the way I was encouraged by management, being constantly exposed to new opportunities and given the chance to develop new skills.

I continue that spirit in my current role. The reason we are able to meet the challenges we face every day is that we share that same level of trust within our team. Open communication encourages more collaboration and greater shared knowledge among our colleagues. We face challenging deadlines, and do so on time, because we are fully engaged and in sync, thanks to the positive environment that is encouraged from the highest levels of McCain.