Pablo Eugenio Bisio

Seeds Leader
Balcarce, Argentina
Pablo Eugenio Bisio photo

When I first joined McCain in 2008, I discovered a new world around Potato crop agronomy! Potatoes are a very challenging crop for agronomists, affected by many different variables but within my first few weeks on the job, I found a very organised and technical sector. With the encouragement of the Agronomy team giving me the tools and support to do my job effectively, I gained a great deal of potato knowledge. I’ve been promoted several times within my career at McCain and now am the Seeds Leader for Argentina.

The last 10 years I’ve spent working at McCain have been wonderful and I’ve found the team to be extremely supportive with problem solving and developing my career. I had the opportunity to participate in our Agri-business Development Program - a program that allowed me to spend 3 months in different regions of the world, while learning about the whole chain (from seed to factory). There are many opportunities across the company’s different sectors, and you are encouraged to pursue what interests you. It is nice to have access to colleagues around the world, who work in the same open and friendly environments from whom you can learn and share experiences. Even though McCain is a big company, it still holds its family values that makes you feel you are not just another employee.