Sabeen Qureishi

Director, Internal Communications
Continental Europe
Sabeen Qureishi photo

In Canada, we grow up with McCain. We are raised to spot its black and yellow logo on billboards, reaching deep into grocery freezers for Deep’n’Delicious cakes and knowing that more often than not, that plate of hot, savoury French fries at the local burger bar was once a McCain potato, growing in the rich, fertile soil our nation is proud to boast.

McCain is an instantly recognizable, deeply patriotic organization that convinced me to throw caution to the wind, cross the Atlantic Ocean, and journey to McCain Foods' European headquarters, to scope out, and scale up, its communications strategy. And I’m thankful that I did.  

More than five years (and several hundred French language lessons) later, I’ve had the pleasure of helping build a communications department from the ground up. What I do, day-to-day, is bring communications to life. I believe we’ve arrived at a cohesive sustainable communications strategy that allows every employee across our region to feel that same pride in their company and community as I do hailing from the nation where it all began.

In France, I’ve learned that McCain Foods' brand identity transcends borders and geographies – we are truly a global company. Our customers are checkered throughout the globe, therefore our communications must reflect that diversity. They must be purposeful, inspiring, respectful, inclusive and at every turn, help bring our shared global vision to life.

Each day I have the opportunity to tell the McCain story and witness how our words empower our people and drive engagement. And writing those words while sipping an espresso and munching on a fresh, butter croissant doesn’t hurt either.