Spencer Karabelas-Pittman

North American Sustainable Agriculture Lead
Toronto, Canada
Spencer Karabelas-Pittman photo

My journey at McCain began when I undertook an internship to complete my master’s degree. Over my summer internship, I thoroughly enjoyed working with a friendly team while having a real chance to develop and present innovative sustainability management tools. I quickly learned that “good ethics is good business” was not a simple mantra but a deep-rooted commitment that is embedded throughout the company.

After completing my internship, I was delighted to accept a full-time role at McCain. In this role, I get an amazing opportunity to both work on and tell the story of how we are working to mitigate and adapt to climate change, how we are continuing to meet consumer demands through innovation and research, and how we are helping local communities around the world thrive.

Working at McCain also means getting the chance to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that this business was founded upon. With this spirit in mind, I helped to develop McCain’s first Zero Waste program, which aims to eliminate all unnecessary waste from the Toronto Corporate Office. I’m proud that this program has already had an enormously positive impact on the reduction of waste in the office.

Every day I have the opportunity to play a part in helping McCain reduce its impact on the planet and to continue to build a sustainable business for the generations to come. By working together, I believe we can create a positive and long-lasting impact.