McCain Foods USA Announces Launch of Wise Fries™

25 September 2013

(Toronto, Ontario) September 25, 2013: After more than a decade of research and development, McCain Foods USA is proud to announce a new proprietary Wise Fries™ batter recipe.

The Wise Fries™ recipe protects the surface of the fry from absorbing as much oil as traditional fries, but maintains a great flavor. Like all fries from McCain Foods, USA, these start with the goodness of potatoes grown locally at family farms throughout North America.

Wise Fries™ is the latest innovation from McCain Foods, the potato industry leader and supplier of nearly one-third of all restaurant French fries sold globally. McCain Foods USA will continue to offer a wide variety of great-tasting French fry options to its customers, including earlier French fry innovations that are zero gram trans-fat, reduced sodium, crispy bake-able fries and various sweet potato options for the restaurant, food service and consumer marketplace. Wise Fries™ will be offered to North American restaurant operators.

™ Trademark of McCain Foods, USA, Inc.