Braden and Rod Lake.

Potato plant field

A “one size fits all” approach to sustainable farming may work for some, but not Braden and Rod Lake in Burley, Idaho. The pair handle every detail with care on their farm – Lake Ag – understanding that people want to feel good about what they’re eating, have confidence in where their food is grown, how it is produced and how well employees are treated.

Their dedication to sustainable practices is baked into their approach from the beginning – they individually scout each potato field and only apply specific products and crop protectants as required at a given time, rather than using a standardized nutrient program across all of their crops.

Lake Ag’s customized approach helps prevent potatoes from building resistance against their products over time, which enhances the crop’s agronomic sustainability.

In many ways, the Lake’s passion for farming underpins their commitment to the regenerative agriculture movement.

“We welcome the emphasis and importance that McCain places on sustainability, and the support they provide when working with their growers in the process. I am excited to be part of the sustainability and regenerative agriculture movement because it helps us as food producers work to improve our practices, making it an ever-evolving adventure.” said Braden and Rod Lake of Lake Ag.

By striving to meet higher sustainability expectations and produce the best quality potatoes they can, the Lakes also stumbled upon a great discovery. They incorporated organic potato production into their operation, and in doing so, they found an Organic Materials Review Institute certified product that could replace a more ‘dangerous to handle’ product, while still giving them the same benefits.

“It was a win-win-win in terms of economic, agronomic and worker-safety sustainability. I think it is important for McCain, its customers, and its growers to collectively work together to find solutions for providing safe potato products.” said the Lakes.

As those in the potato farming community get ready for another growing season, the Lakes share their insights in an effort to inspire a shift towards more sustainable agricultural practices.

Braden and Rod Lake - two farmers stood with potatoes on farming machinery