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Supporting our people to achieve their professional potential is paramount.

We believe that if our people have the opportunity to learn and develop, and are open to feedback, they will grow! So supporting personal performance, professional development and career progression are key areas of focus for us as a business.

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Helping you achieve
your goals

The performance of McCain Foods relies on the performance of every person in the company. That is why we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

How we approach goal setting

Each year, you will set individual performance goals that align with the company’s strategic objectives; your efforts contribute directly to the success of the company. You will also set individual development goals, which help you grow in your current role and set you up for success in future roles.

How we approach feedback

At McCain Foods, we are a family. That means we encourage authentic and open conversations about your performance and development. Managers have frequent check-ins with you so you always know where you stand and how you can improve and develop. Frequent feedback, coaching and recognition of accomplishments are an important part of our culture.

How we identify and foster talent

We seek out and recognize talent from within. We conduct talent reviews to identify high potential employees and successors for key positions, and we calibrate this across the globe. Development plans and next career steps are planned accordingly.

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your development

We believe that every one of us is in charge of our own career development – how far you go is up to you! That said, we provide the structure and support to help get you there. We believe that you develop through on-the-job experiences, stretch assignments, peer learning, open feedback, training and coaching.

How we support your development journey...

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We are proud of every person's contribution to the company, and celebrate success! From day-to-day work performance, exceeding expectations on a project, personal development success, as well as community and charitable activity that many of our teams participate in outside of work.

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